1. General

1.1 Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By booking a wheelie bin cleaning service with Bosch Services you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time at our sole discretion. We will notify you of amendments to these terms and conditions by posting them on our website.

2. Services & Schedule

2.1 All wheelie bins must be empty of waste prior to commencement of cleaning, If any waste remains in the bin after the waste collection, or if added after the collection it will be at the discretion of Bosch Services as to whether cleaning can be carried out. Small amounts of waste may be removed and then replaced after cleaning where possible. If a bin is unable to be cleaned due to excessive waste, charges may still apply.
2.2 Bosch Services can refuse to clean a wheelie bin on the grounds of health, safety or for any other valid reason. We are regrettably unable to clean any wheelie bins that are contaminated with wet paint, excessive amounts of wet oil or any Human / Animal feces matter.
Cat litter will also be seen as feces matter, it needs to be placed in a bag and into the bin. Where we are unable to wash your bins due to contamination your service may still be charged.
2.3 Wheelie bins are cleaned at the customer premises, any prepayment for cleaning is for the same specific wheelie bin on each occasion and it is at the address where the first clean took place.
2.4 Bosch Services’ working hours are 08:00 – 17:00, we therefore have up until 17:00 on the specific day to wash your bin. You as the client you must ensure that your bin is available to be cleaned on the day, if access to your wheelie bin is prevented for whatever reason this will still count as a “wash” unless previously agreed – this is due to the fact that our operators will still have to travel to your address, attempt to locate your bin and complete any associated administration work. If Bosch Services is unable to wash your bin within that time period, communication will be sent, and alternative cleaning arrangements will be made.
2.5 Bosch Services reserves the right to charge for a requested visit which is made, but the wheelie bin is not cleaned, for whatever reason. If your wheelie bins are going to be unavailable for cleaning on a scheduled cleaning day (e.g. Holidays), please provide at least 48 hours’ notice in order for us to suspend your service and avoid any charges.
2.6 Bosch Services will take all due care and diligence during a clean but will not be held responsible for any damage to a wheelie bin or property reported after the event for which they are not deemed liable.
2.7 Typically, as long as the local authority is able to empty your wheelie bin we should be able to clean your wheelie bin but in the unlikely event that we are unable to clean your bin either on the same day or the following morning, advanced notice will be given where possible.
If the local authorities are unable to empty your wheelie bin because of bad weather or for other reasons outside of your control, and subsequently we are unable to clean your bin we will always do our best to reschedule your clean where possible or preserve your bin cleaning credit until the next scheduled clean.


3. Subscriptions & Payments

3.1 Bosch Services provides Weekly, Bi-Monthly and Monthly cleaning services. Option is chosen at signup by customer, as well as the option to add additional bins
3.2 We reserve the right to close for 2 weeks in December, without compensation to customers. Dates will be confirmed to the customer, this communication can be done via email or sms.
3.3 Payment is due on or before the last day of the month unless a different payment method is agreed prior to the service. We reserve the right to cancel our service if no payment has been received.
3.4 Please ensure we are updated as soon as possible if any contact details should change. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that we have the correct and current contact details. Failure to do so may cause confusion and possible unwanted charges.
3.5 Industrial bins will be charged at different rates that residential bins due to the amount of waste. The same frequency of cleaning as residential bins will still apply. Cost may differ due to the nature of the business different debris thrown into the bins.

4. Cancellations & Terminations

4.1 Subscriptions are valid for as long as the customer is paying for the service. If a customer cancels mid-subscription, no refund will be given.
4.2 Customer has the right to change their mind up to 24 hours before their first subscribed clean after the initial sign-up. If a customer pays upfront a refund will be made via bank transfer.
4.3 Bosch Services reserves the right to cancel or refuse any subscription.
4.4 If the customer does not wish to subscribe for further cleaning, notification must be given to Bosch Services within one calendar month. If the customer decides to change the frequency of cleaning from weekly to bi-monthly or monthly, notification must be given to Bosch Services within one calendar month. No immediate notice will be allowed.  If the customer decides to change the frequency of cleaning from Monthly to Bi-monthly or Weekly this will be done immediately and the customer will be charged per week for the additional cleaning.
This change in service communication should be received via email to Bosch Services at boschrecycling21@gmail.com
4.6 In the event of a customer relocating, subscriptions may be transferred to the new address where possible.
4.7 If it is impossible to transfer the subscription to a new address, a refund of the remaining subscription fee will be arranged if advance notice is given to Bosch Services
4.8 Cancellations or changes to subscriptions must be made to us by email at boschrecycling21@gmail.com